What is the Efficiency of Wind Power?

Q: What is the efficiency of wind power?   The power efficiency of the rotor is defined as a fraction of the entire accessible power that the wind blades are able to convert into useful energy. A wind turbine is not able to convert 100 percent of the energy from the wind because it is limited by the so-called Betz law. The Betz law says that at most 59.3 percent of the total wind energy can be extracted. The concept {Read More}

Stay Cool and Reduce Your Energy Bills This Summer

Household energy bills increase with higher daytime temperatures, but you can adopt effective ways to stay cool and reduce your energy bills. Here are energy saving techniques to beat the heat during summer and keep electricity bills acceptable. They range from simple ones that you will be able to apply straight away. Others will require upfront investment but have a significant long-term payoff. Protect Your Windows. Consider installing white window blinds that reflect heat away from the house. The house {Read More}