Swamp Cooler Vs. Air Conditioner

While both air conditioners and swamp coolers serve to chill the ambient temperature, they use completely different cooling techniques.  Home air conditioners work as dehumidifiers, drawing moisture out of the air, while swamp coolers cool the environment by adding humidity. Hence, swamp coolers are most commonly found in homes located in hot, dry climates. Technique of Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioners Swamp coolers draw outside hot air and send it through a cooler, where the air temperature is lowered by {Read More}

Are Swamp Coolers Effective?

Q: Are swamp coolers effective in cooling the area? Evaporative or swamp coolers are energy efficient devices that can cost-effectively lower an area’s temperature. Compared to traditional devices such as air conditioners, swamp coolers use 75 % less electricity. The swamp coolers function on a simple principle. Namely, when dry air passes through or over water it absorbs some of the water and in the process the air gets cooled. The absorption happens when both the vapor pressure and temperature {Read More}