Ecological Footprint Model: Assessing The Advantages and Disadvantages

Ecological footprint is an index of environmental sustainability and learning framework used to calculate human consumption and its impact on the environment. The framework makes the sustainability concept more understandable, providing policy-makers with a sound standard for evaluating policies and projects. The ecological footprint model is also a practical tool that helps individuals estimate resource consumption and waste generation parameters of a certain population relevant to the corresponding useful land and water area. The concept of ecological footprint was first {Read More}

Carpooling Benefits

Q: What are the carpooling benefits? Despite worsening traffic congestion and environmental problems such as climate change and air pollution, there exists substantial resistance to transport policies that entail monetary or lifestyle sacrifices. Carpooling offers a potential answer for congestion and offers users the freedom of a personal vehicle without owning one. Carpooling allows individuals to access a fleet of vehicles that are placed in locations throughout a city. Participants in the carpooling program access vehicles by reserving their use {Read More}