Solar Energy Facts

Here are some answers to the most common questions about solar energy. The sun represents an enormous nuclear reactor that converts its own mass into light particles or photons. Trillions of photons fill Earth’s atmosphere every second. The sun’s nuclear reaction consumes 4.2 million tons of mass per second. The Earth intercepts just 2 billionths of the sun’s energy output. On any particular day, 35,000 times the total amount of energy that people use reaches the surface of the Earth {Read More}

How is Solar Energy Renewable?

Q: How is solar energy renewable and why is that important? Renewable sources of energy are characterized by the ability to replenish themselves without any human involvement. Examples of renewable sources of energy include solar but also hydropower, geothermal and wind energy. Solar energy is a renewable energy source because regardless of how much it is used, its supply will never be exhausted. In other words, renewable resources are not only characterized by abundant energy flows, but also by their {Read More}

Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

The sun is at the helm of all life on the Earth. It is a virtually inexhaustible energy source that all living things, including us humans, need to grow and thrive. The sun converts its own mass into light particles known as photons. It charges the Earth with trillions of photons that fill the atmosphere each moment. The truth is, the sun supplies more energy in a single hour than all of humanity uses within one year. A French physicist {Read More}

Stay Cool and Reduce Your Energy Bills This Summer

Household energy bills increase with higher daytime temperatures, but you can adopt effective ways to stay cool and reduce your energy bills. Here are energy saving techniques to beat the heat during summer and keep electricity bills acceptable. They range from simple ones that you will be able to apply straight away. Others will require upfront investment but have a significant long-term payoff. Protect Your Windows. Consider installing white window blinds that reflect heat away from the house. The house {Read More}

Solar Training Schools Directory

We strive to give you the most comprehensive directory of solar training programs in the US. We are frequently looking for more schools and programs to include, to ensure the directory is as complete and relevant as possible. Please let us know if you think we’re missing any schools or programs. Alaska Rocky Mountain Solar and Alaska Vocational Technical Center Do you know of a solar training course or school that is not listed here? Please let us know! Alabama {Read More}

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