Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

The sun is at the helm of all life on the Earth. It is a virtually inexhaustible energy source that all living things, including us humans, need to grow and thrive. The sun converts its own mass into light particles known as photons. It charges the Earth with trillions of photons that fill the atmosphere each moment. The truth is, the sun supplies more energy in a single hour than all of humanity uses within one year. A French physicist {Read More}

Sustainable Resources: Biomass Energy

Biomass is organic material from animals and plants. It can be used to create electricity and heat, as well as produce chemicals and fuels. If harnessed properly, bio-power can help nations to transition to a clean and stable energy path. Biomass Sources Biomass material comes from two main sources: energy crops and residues. When choosing a biomass source, it is important to consider how much energy it produces and its environmental side effects. For example, burning wood emits large amounts {Read More}

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency: DIY Energy Audit Checklist

You do not have to be an energy audit professional to carry out a simple DIY home energy audit. With an attentive and planed assessment you can spot many problems that cause energy losses and make decisions about possible energy efficiency upgrades. During a home energy audit it is important to have a checklist of areas that were inspected as well as problems identified. Once the energy audit is completed, a plan for suggested actions needs to be developed. The {Read More}