How To Load a Dishwasher To Save Water and Energy

Q: How to load a dishwasher to save water and energy? Even though scientific studies tell us that automatic dishwashers are the most economical way to wash dishes, they still use a significant amount of energy. Most of that energy is consumed by heating the water. To maximize the energy savings, the amount of hot water your dishwasher consumes should be reduced. Another way to save energy is to correctly load the dishwasher. Here are some ideas how to achieve these {Read More}

How to Save Water at Home

In most homes, water has four major uses: baths, faucets, washing machines and dishwashers. For each of these uses, water heating may be required, which consumes around 20% of a home’s energy costs. Other uses of water include irrigation, pools, fountains and spas. Even when you try to use water wisely, you my be wasting a good deal of this precious resource. Here are ideas and tips on how to wisely save water in your home. Ways to Conserve Water for {Read More}

How to Save Water and Energy in Showers

When considering your water use, two factors need to be taken into consideration: heat & water. Heating your water accounts for at least 20% of your power bill. Baths and showers utilize 37% of that. This means that 6% of your power bill is dedicated to heating water for your showers and baths. The good news is that with small changes you can save on both heating and water costs. Hold your shower head. You should be aware that most {Read More}