Geothermal Energy in Iceland

In the world of geothermal energy, Iceland is a top celebrity. This cold European country and popular tourist destination is burning with fire underneath. Nowhere else on Earth can we observe so many active volcanoes where eruptions occur every four to five years. Icelanders can thank for this spectacle of geothermal activity to its unique geographic location. Iceland and other parts of the world including areas of western USA and Japan lie on top of shallow geothermal resources. Iceland, in {Read More}

Geothermal Energy Images, Iceland

Extending across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland has exceptional geological conditions. It has 250 geothermal energy areas, 22 active volcanoes and 780 hot springs. It also has the world’s third largest ice-cap. Iceland is one of the world’s most active hotspots with the world’s greatest exhibit of volcanic features. Being the youngest country in Europe, its geology is constantly developing. Here is a collection of characteristic geothermal energy images from Iceland. Being a part of Haukadalur Valley, Stokkur is an Iceland’s {Read More}

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