Geothermal Energy Pros and Cons

The promoters of geothermal energy emphasize its stable, renewable and versatile nature that can help us beat our precarious dependence on fossil fuels. The critics, on the other hand, dismiss it quoting its high capital costs and impacts from land subsidence. I this article we will juxtapose the most prominent geothermal energy pros and cons based on environmental and economic considerations. We will draw a conclusion based on the results of this inquiry. Geothermal Energy Pros: Environmental Considerations From an {Read More}

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Geothermal Energy Disadvantages

Geothermal energy has the capability to occupy an important role in moving the society toward a sustainable energy path. Being a renewable and sustainable source of energy, geothermal power has unquestionable advantages over overwhelmingly polluting and unsustainable fossil fuels. To ensure bright future for geothermal energy means being cognizant of its advantages as well as disadvantages so that this Earth-friendly resource is used in a safe and cost-effective manner. Here’s an overview of geothermal energy disadvantages: One of The Most {Read More}

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Advantages of Geothermal Energy

Energy is being a hot topic these days. As energy prices soar, many nations are actively searching for alternative ways of producing sufficient amounts of economical and sustainable energy. Geothermal energy is particularly attracting public interest due to its reliability, sustainability and cleanliness. As research efforts aimed at developing new energy sources continue to evolve, geothermal energy may become even more advantageous source of power to meet human needs in the environmentally friendly way. Specific advantages of geothermal energy include: {Read More}

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