Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency: DIY Energy Audit Checklist

You do not have to be an energy audit professional to carry out a simple DIY home energy audit. With an attentive and planed assessment you can spot many problems that cause energy losses and make decisions about possible energy efficiency upgrades. During a home energy audit it is important to have a checklist of areas that were inspected as well as problems identified. Once the energy audit is completed, a plan for suggested actions needs to be developed. The {Read More}

What is an Energy Audit?

In order to achieve pleasant temperatures in the house we need energy. If a house is inefficient, however, much energy goes to waste. A house can be inefficient due to air leaks, improper insulation (insulation made from inferior materi­als, poorly installed insulation and eroded insulation) or inefficient technologies.  A study by the US department of energy found that 40 percent of energy homeowners pay for is wasted. An energy audit could possibly be one of the best inexpensive techniques for {Read More}

Choose Smart: Energy Auditor Salary and Job Outlook

Picking an appropriate career is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If you want to wake up every morning with devotion and enthusiasm make sure that you pick a job that matters. However, each one of us has our own personal idea of what really matters. If you are passionate about reducing wasteful use of energy and offsetting the negative impact humans have on the environment, energy auditor is a career that may express you naturally. If {Read More}

How to Become An Energy Auditor

If you are driven towards a meaningful and rewarding green profession, being an energy auditor is a great career choice. According to a study published by the Occupational Employment Statistics, an energy auditor is a new and emerging (n&e) occupation that will continue to flourish thanks to local and national green energy incentives. Due to the absence of training requirements for energy auditors you might pursue the career without attending a college. Job The job of energy auditors is to {Read More}