Linoleum Flooring: Components, Eco-friendliness and Durability

Q: WHAT IS LINOLEUM FLOORING MADE OF? IS IT ECO-FRIENDLY AND DURABLE? Linoleum flooring is made from cork, linseed oil (from flax), pine resin and pine flour. For color, ground up stone and wood are added. It’s covered with a natural jute or polyglass backing. The linoleum flooring is thin and very resilient, lasting as long as fifty years. It has antibacterial properties due to permanent oxidation of the linseed oil. Linoleum was invented in 1860, and quickly became the {Read More}

Cork Flooring Pros and Cons

Cork is increasingly being embraced as an eco-friendly flooring choice for the kitchen and bathroom. If you are considering cork flooring for your home, you are likely to weigh pros and cons of your decision, particularly when cost, durability and environmental sustainability are at stake. The lifestyle priorities are rapidly changing and the indestructible vinyl is, thankfully, not in any more. Fresh information has become available and now the arguments in favor or sustainable lifestyle have climbed up in the {Read More}

What are eco-friendly gadgets?

Q: What are eco-friendly gadgets? Eco-friendly gadgets (also known as green or earth-friendly gadgets) are electronic products that have the some or all of the following traits: they have little or no harmful materials they can be recycled they are manufactured efficiently and locally they use energy as efficiently as possible In a broad sense, the purported eco-friendliness means that during the entire life-cycle of the product it will have a minimal environmental impact while helping the user save energy {Read More}

Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Ease Energy Saving Tasks

Whether you are a green-minded consumer or you are just struggling with high energy bills, there are plenty of eco-friendly gadgets that are serious about reducing their environmental impact as well as yours. Here are worthwhile eco-friendly gadgets that can cut your energy use at home. Rechargeable battery chargers One way to stop wasting energy and money on disposable batteries is to use a rechargeable battery charger. Look for these characteristics in battery chargers: charging speeds (these may vary from {Read More}

Seeking Environmental Harmony With Eco Friendly Building Materials

In the shift toward greener home living, eco-friendly building materials are no longer disregarded as being impractical and posh. In fact, almost everyone understanding the simplicity of the energy formula realizes that using eco-friendly building materials in construction presents an opportunity to cut down on energy consumption and carbon emissions. Needless to say, the durability of the construction and the health of the occupants are significantly enhanced by applying the holistic concept of eco-friendly construction. Eco Friendly Buildings Rating Systems {Read More}

Green Your Lighting With Eco Friendly Light Bulbs

In modern lighting systems, eco-friendly compact fluorescent light (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) are rapidly growing energy efficient solutions that have almost completely replaced the classic incandescent bulbs, which consume significantly higher energies, in almost every aspect of lighting applications. Aside from energy efficiency, CFL and LED bulbs are also more versatile in terms of design and structure making these lighting technologies ideal for different building interiors. Respectively, CFL and LED lifetimes are also known to last up to ten {Read More}