A19 LED Bulb, Reviewed

This is a guest post by Richard T. Berry LED bulbs are expensive, and many still don’t deliver the warm ambient light pleasant to the eye. But things are changing. Recently, Philips has launched a new A19 SlimStyle LED bulb that promises more efficiency with 22.8 years of lifetime. The company claims that the public criticisms of LEDs being more expensive and duller than classic incandescent bulbs simply didn’t take into account advances in LED technology. What we liked about {Read More}

Are CFLs Dimmable?

Q: Are CFL bulbs dimmable?   Yes, but CFL bulbs must be designed to work on a dimming circuit. Due to the more demanding circuitry, dimmable CFLs are more expensive than standard CFLs. Dimming for incandescent bulbs works by reducing the amount of power sent to the bulb, which is not recommended to CFL bulbs. Reducing the amount of power to a CFL bulb can keep its filament from getting a sufficient amount of heat to function correctly and the {Read More}