Breezing Through the Summer With the Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Summer is finally heating up and you may be considering buying a new air conditioner. If you are thinking that an energy efficient Energy Star unit is an extravagance that you cannot afford, take some time to inform yourself about the sizing, selection and installation of the conditioner. Understanding these is the key to both saving money and cost-effective operation. Energy Efficient Air Conditioner: Energy Usage Air conditioning systems or units are among the basic appliances that contribute to a {Read More}

Swamp Cooler Vs. Air Conditioner

While both air conditioners and swamp coolers serve to chill the ambient temperature, they use completely different cooling techniques.  Home air conditioners work as dehumidifiers, drawing moisture out of the air, while swamp coolers cool the environment by adding humidity. Hence, swamp coolers are most commonly found in homes located in hot, dry climates. Technique of Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioners Swamp coolers draw outside hot air and send it through a cooler, where the air temperature is lowered by {Read More}