Are Swamp Coolers Effective?

Q: Are swamp coolers effective in cooling the area?

Evaporative or swamp coolers are energy efficient devices that can cost-effectively lower an area’s temperature. Compared to traditional devices such as air conditioners, swamp coolers use 75 % less electricity. The swamp coolers function on a simple principle. Namely, when dry air passes through or over water it absorbs some of the water and in the process the air gets cooled.

The absorption happens when both the vapor pressure and temperature of the water attempt to equalize with those of the air. The dry air turns liquid molecules of water into gas molecules through heat transfer process with the end results being a lower air temperature. The swamp coolers are effective because as liquid molecules turn into a gas, the phase change absorbs heat. This phenomenon is known as the latent heat of evaporation.

To provide cooling comfort through water evaporation the hot air is first sent through a cooler, where the air temperature is lowered by passing over or through water and then an air-moving system introduces cooled air into a hot room to lower its temperature. Swamp coolers are very effective in dry air environments. Their effectiveness and the ability to cool the air decrease as the humidity increases.

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