How Can I Detect a Gas Leak in My Home?

Q: How can I easily detect a gas leak at home?


Here are two ways to detect a gas leak in your home.

1. The easiest way to detect a gas leak is to use a mixture of water and soap.

– Mix one cup water with one cup liquid dish soap.

– Fill in a spray bottle with the mixture.

– Thoroughly spray the leak solution into the gas pipes that you think might be leaking. Due to the air or gas leaking out, bubbles will appear at the leak site. If you do not have the spray bottle, the soap solution can be applied with a washcloth or brush.

2. Gas leaks can also be detected with a gas leak detector. A home gas leak detector is a very sensitive instrument that detects the presence of very small amounts of natural gas. The presence of gas will trigger an alarm (sound, light) informing you of a gas leak.  Gas leaks detectors can be purchased at your local home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s) or online at merchants such as Amazon.

You can expect to pay from $20 to $200 for a gas leak detector. Before you commit to buy it is good idea to read user’s reviews first so that you can select the leak detector that is best for you.



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