Go Green: How It Works for Homes and Businesses

Written by Sam Marquit

Being a commercial contractor allows me to work with a ton of business owners. I always suggest green materials and building practices to allow them to save money but also to reduce their carbon footprint. Did you know that the latest numbers show the green materials marketplace is at $116 billion in 2013? This number is projected to grow up to $254 billion in 2020. As many businesses have been changing their policy towards recycling and hazardous products, homeowners are also a part of this green revolution. By doing something today and changing your lifestyle, you can tip the scales in our planet’s favor.

The green movement wouldn’t be what it is today without helpful mission statements such as the three R’s. This is a promise that people make to reduce, reuse and recycle. Basically, you can apply this method to anything in your home or office. Businesses have been using it to reuse waste, recycle products and reduce the number of hazardous materials that they use in their company. For example, the ARIA hotel in Las Vegas created a large sorting center to handle all of their waste and cut out 47 percent of waste from going to the landfill. They also send food scraps to local pig farms.

At home, people use the three R’s for just about everything. You can reduce the number of household cleaning products that have toxic chemicals for the environment. You can reuse old furniture, and there’s a ton of recycling that you can do around the home including a implementing a process known as up cycling. Compost bins are even better for recycling food waste. Compost can then be used for lawns and gardens.

All over the world there are water shortages every day. To cut down on water waste, many businesses are changing the way that they keep their landscapes green and beautiful. They’re switching over to artificial grass and even choosing drip irrigation systems to ensure that they don’t waste water. The world famous Las Vegas strip boasts a number of sustainable facilities. Millions of travelers visit the strip every year and finding one of these facilities is easier than ever with sites like Gogobot providing eco friendly discussions. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort recently even won an award for being the most eco-friendly hotel in America. One way that the hotel showed its commitment was by installing artificial turf grass in several outdoor areas and using drip irrigation systems with moisture sensors. The hotel saved about eight million gallons of water.

Drip irrigation systems can also be used for homes. These types of systems are best for areas that are very dry or experiencing drought. You can also reuse gray water from showers, laundry machines and dishwashers to water gardens. What’s great about these systems at the home front, they are not visible and also it’s a benefit for the planet as well as your checkbook.


Drip irrigation systems

It is important to continue this trend of sustainable features from the corporate world to the home front. As new facilities such continue to innovate the industry, new and more efficient products will come to market, further growing the industry.

About the author: I am an entrepreneurial independent contractor and home renovation/remodeling expert in New York. I’ve made it a point to share with my readers a day in the life of sustainable building. Forecasting the possible application and implementation of new green building materials and technologies is just one small part of my effort to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.

Sam Marquit is a co-author of Fair Marquit Value.


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