Simple Ways to Go Green and Save Money This Spring

Rejuvenate your home and prepare for the spring season with smart energy-saving tips.

There are a number of ways to use energy prudently and watch your wallet without getting out of your comfort zone. Here are home energy saving techniques that you can implement this spring.

Spring cleaning is a practice that lets us to rejuvenate our homes after a long winter and prepare for the warmer season. Infuse energy-saving habits into your spring cleaning.

Maintenance counts. To ensure efficient performance, make sure all the fans are dust-free and in good working order. Filters should be replaced or washed as needed. Hire a professional to clean the filter of your air conditioning systems.

Clean the tracks of your sliding doors. The dirt that accumulates in the tracks damages the sealing and creates gaps where air can leak. Scrape out the dirt and vacuum the tracks. Wipe the tracks with soapy water.

Take care of your appliances. If they are not performing at top-notch they will significantly drive up your energy costs.

  • The coils of the refrigerator need to be vacuumed to allow air to circulate freely. Lint buildup on coils, makes the engine works hard thus utilizing more energy. Make certain that the seals on your refrigerator door are tight. Your refrigerator has an important influence on your bill as it makes up for 11 percent of your energy use.
  • Increase the performance of your oven by cleaning out accumulated dirt.
  •  Other appliances, including dishwashers, dryers and washing machines may need some attention. Clean them too to maintain high-performance.

Check your home for spider-webs as their presence signifies a draft. Credit: Basykes

Check for spider-webs. A large amount of heat can be wasted from a basement that has improper insulation. Check your basement or crawlspace for spider webs – their presence signifies a draft.

Wipe down your light bulbs. Dirt-free light bulbs ensure more light. Consider installing compact fluorescent tubes and light bubs that have the Energy Star label.

Get your garden and patio ready for summer. Clean your patio and consider illuminating it with solar lights that need no electricity to work. Consider planting shrubs or wines around your house. Plants that provide shade can cool down your home by 3-6 degrees and save you up to 25 percent of household energy use. Don’t forget that outdoor cleaning projects are great to involve family members and children.

Here are more spring energy saving tips:

Cut down your shower time. The cost of a shower is not only the water; it is also the energy required to heat the water. You can save up to $1.00 in energy costs by taking five-minute instead of ten-minute-showers. Consider a low-flow showerhead. Older fixtures flow on average about 5.5 gpm. Low-flow showerheads take 24 seconds to fill thus saving money and energy. By making this switch you can save over $200 annually on your heating bill.

Turn down the heat.Save up to 10 percent on your utility bill by lowering the temperature to 65 degrees at nighttime. As the temperature outside gets warmer, turn down the heat on your thermostat several degrees from your current setting. You may not perceive the change.

Save energy at home by taking five-minute instead of ten-minute-showers. Credit: Adam Amel Rogers

Perform a house inspection. Check walls, windows, doors, wires and pipes for cracks. Seal up the cracks to cost-effectively cut you energy loss and make the most of your money.

Prepare your roof for warm temperatures. Lower the temperature of your roof by installing sheet covering, reflective paint or reflective shingles.

As you can see, it takes a little effort to to cut your utility bills and make your home energy-efficient. The monetary savings will make it well worth the effort.


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