Choose Smart: Energy Auditor Salary and Job Outlook

The ideal approa­ch to a career survey in energy audit deals not only with your personality and motivation but also with the facts.

Picking an appropriate career is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If you want to wake up every morning with devotion and enthusiasm make sure that you pick a job that matters. However, each one of us has our own personal idea of what really matters. If you are passionate about reducing wasteful use of energy and offsetting the negative impact humans have on the environment, energy auditor is a career that may express you naturally. If you plan to share your talent with the world, it makes sense to explore everything that is important in order to be sure that you picked a truly exceptional career.

The ideal approa­ch to a career survey deals not only with your personality and motivation, but is also realistic, that is, we must face the facts. And these include not only learning about energy auditor salary, but also studying the problem behind the need for this profession and understanding the future job outlook. You may want to familiarize yourself with all job components that matter to make sure that there’s a good match between your goals and the career you picked.

The Job Outlook for Energy Auditors

The future job outlook for energy auditors looks extremely bright. Credit: Victor1558

Energy auditors are in demand and this is just a beginning. Right now, there are 15, 000 energy auditors in the United States. The records say that most of them are close to the retirement age. Despite the fact that these professionals will retire in the near future, the demand for home energy audits will continue to grow. That is, homeowners will rely increasingly on new qualified professionals to perform energy audits. That is one reason energy auditing businesses are booming all over the country.

Even more, many home improvement specialists are adding energy auditor certification to their existing credentials. This means that the future job outlook for energy auditors looks extremely bright. Rebates, tax incentives, loans and low-income subsidies, with at least 30 percent in utility savings in addition to safe and comfortable indoor environment is convincing more and more homeowners to employ an energy auditor.

The Problem: Our Homes are Energy Inefficient

The aging houses in the United States are highly energy inefficient. As a result, it is energy inefficiency that is one of the most striking sources for high energy costs. That is, energy escapes through the drafty rooms and poor or deficient insulation of homes and buildings. Homeowners are crumbling to meet their energy needs and create a suitable home environment. Luckily, the high energy expenditures can be reduced and that is when energy auditors are called to the rescue.

The Salary for Energy Auditors

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics doesn’t report an exact salary figure for energy auditors. The best approach then is to dig in and pick up information from surveys and job directories around the country. According to a BPI survey, 90% of the energy auditors make from $15 to $35 per hour.

Energy Auditor Salary Data

Third party job directories give us a more valuable representation on energy auditor salary since there’s more data available. The salary ranges in the table below reflect salaries as of February 2014.

Source Salary Updated
Indeed $67,000 February 2014
Simply Hired $65,000 February 2014
Match College $58,257 February 2014

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