Energy Audit Utah

Energy Star partner in Utah

Utah Energy Star is an Energy Star partner in Utah. Using funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA),  the program offers many incentives to help homeowners interested in upgrading their homes for energy efficiency. Furthermore, the program generates work opportunities for energy analysts, contractors and energy auditors.

According to the Utah Home Performance the program not only met but exceeded its goals:

“In just over a year, 2,188 Home Performance Assessments were completed, resulting in 1,277 households making energy-efficient upgrades through the program. This conversion rate of 58% is well above the national average, as is the average energy savings for those homes at 25%. Beyond those numbers, all of these Home Performance Assessments and retrofit projects are helping to create jobs during a time when solid work can be very hard to find.”  (Utah Home Performance, 2012)

The common issues faced by Utah homeowners include high energy bills, drafty windows and doors and rooms that are too hot or too cold. A whole-house philosophy, promoted by the Energy Star program, is the chief approach to deal with these and similar problems.

Utah’s weatherization program

Utah Division of Housing and Community Development administers Utah’s weatherization program. The Utah Weatherization Program helps residents of Utah cut high utility bills and increase safety and comfort of their homes. The program provides cost-effective energy efficient upgrades to residents of Utah that meet established income criteria. Housing types eligible for the Utah Weatherization program include mobile homes, single-family houses and multifamily units. Elderly, persons with disabilities (who are no more than 200% of the current federal poverty income level) are eligible. Preference is given to households with high-energy consumption, disabled persons and families with preschool-age children.

The most common weatherization services performed in Utah are weather-stripping and caulking, replacing a high-energy consuming refrigerator with an energy-efficient refrigerator, replacing glass panes/windows, installing insulation, tune ups, replacing regular incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs, repairing/replacing the heating unit and installing carbon monoxide detectors.

Energy Audit Utah

Utah Energy Conservation Coalition

Energy Rated Homes of Utah

112 South Mountain Way Drive

Orem, UT


DwellTek, LLC

PO Box 682032

Park City, UT 84068


Envirowise Consulting/Burton Lumber

1170 S 4400 W

Salt Lake City, UT 84104


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