Energy Audit Training Online

If you are contemplating becoming an energy auditor, there are two different approaches to training. You can either pursue the traditional, classroom-based course or online training. Residential and commercial energy audit online training degrees have unique features that have made them a trendy education method for individuals who want to boost their career.

Today, there are several online training programs in energy audit claiming to have the advantages for students in terms of degrees earned and advancement in the field.  Yet, there are important drawbacks to online education and you should consider both when making your decision.

The most prominent advantage of energy audit online education is that you can study at any location. You can also study at your own pace, without sacrificing work commitments.

Energy Audit Training Online: Advantages

The most obvious benefit of online education is that your can study at any location. Further, you can study at your own, individual pace, without sacrificing your work and/or family commitments. Another significant benefit of online learning is lower cost of studying compared to traditional programs. Importantly, with online education you save on many expected as well as unexpected costs that are associated with classroom-based learning. These costs vary widely depending on your distance from the campus and may include course materials, meals, board and transportation. One great thing with online programs is that you can start your educational journey anytime whereas traditional schools offer limited enrollment opportunities.

With energy audit online education you will save on many costs that are associated with classroom-based leaning, but you do not get the supervised field experience.

Energy Audit Training Online: Disadvantages

But let’s visit the other side of the coin. We have identified two major drawbacks to online education:

First, you do not get a hands-on experience. To master the necessary skills, the supervised field experience is essential for certification seekers who didn’t have a prior experience with the energy audit equipment they will use in the field.

Second, if you are not self-motivated and organized, online education might not be a best choice for you.

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