Energy Audit Nevada

Energy Star partner in Nevada

Nevada Energy Star Partners, a coalition of over 50 local residential developers and business partners is an Energy Star partner in Nevada. The business partners embrace trade companies, third party inspectors, utility companies, advertising, mortgage companies and public relation agencies.

Using funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA),  the program offers many incentives to help homeowners interested in upgrading their homes for energy efficiency. Furthermore, the program generates work opportunities for energy analysts, contractors and energy auditors.

According to the Nevada Energy Star Partners the program has experienced the incredible results in Las Vegas, Nevada:

“Our Las Vegas market now holds record awareness and penetration rate, higher than the national rate. We are currently at 90% consumer awareness of the ENERGY STAR brand, and the penetration rate of new homes being built in Las Vegas is now at 67%. We have grown from 91 ENERGY STAR homes to now over 75,000 in our Las Vegas market alone.”  (Nevada Energy Star Partners, 2012)

Nevada’s Energy Assistance Program

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services administers Nevada’s Energy Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP assists residents of Nevada with costs of home energy. The qualifying low-income Nevadans can increase safety and comfort of their homes through this program.

The program provides cost-effective energy efficient upgrades to residents of Nevada that meet established income criteria. To qualify for the EAP program the applicants must live in Nevada and must be responsible for home cooling or heating costs. The total monthly gross income of the household should not exceed 110% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Nevada’s weatherization program

Housing Division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry (NHD) administers Nevada’s weatherization program. Operating since 1977, the Nevada Weatherization Program helps residents of Nevada cut high utility bills and increase safety and comfort of their homes.  The most common weatherization services performed in Nevada are weather-stripping and caulking, installing insulation and minor repairs.

Energy Audit Nevada

Service 1st Energy Solutions

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Energy Insight

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