Energy Audit Colorado

Colorado Energy Star Program

The Smart Energy Living Alliance  is a local sponsor of the program.  The program offers a “whole-house philosophy” to homeowners in Colorado who wish to improve comfort and safety in addition to saving energy in their homes. The common issues faced by Colorado homeowners include drafty windows and doors, rooms that are too hot or too cold and high energy bills. A whole-house philosophy is the paramount approach to deal with these and similar problems.

The Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) delivers an innovative ENERGY STAR New Homes Program for the state of Colorado.  To achieve the GHG emissions goals outlined in Colorado’s Climate Action Plan, the GEO is implementing the Colorado’s featured residential new construction efforts. Some achievements of this very successful program include:

  1. Developed an implementation strategy for the ENERGY STAR New Homes Program
  2. Helped utilities, local governments and non-profit organizations to administer regional programs across Colorado
  3. Provided training to over 900 people at ENERGY STAR training sessions.

Weatherization Program

The Colorado Energy Office funds the Weatherization Program in coordination with Xcel Energy and Energy Outreach Colorado. The program provides cost-effective energy efficient upgrades to Coloradans that meet established income criteria. Housing types eligible for the program include mobile homes, single-family houses and multifamily units. Both renters and homeowners are eligible. The most common weatherization services performed are energy audit, air leakage reduction, appliance safety inspection, lighting audit, insulation and safety inspection. The Weatherization Program helps Coloradans slash high utility bills, increase comfort of their homes in addition to creating local jobs and reducing pollution.


Energy Audits Colorado

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