Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Ease Energy Saving Tasks

Whether you are a green-minded consumer or you are just struggling with high energy bills, there are plenty of eco-friendly gadgets that are serious about reducing their environmental impact as well as yours.

Here are worthwhile eco-friendly gadgets that can cut your energy use at home.

ReVIVE Solar Charger

Rechargeable battery chargers

One way to stop wasting energy and money on disposable batteries is to use a rechargeable battery charger. Look for these characteristics in battery chargers: charging speeds (these may vary from 15 minutes to several hours), brand mixing (charging one brand in another brand’s charger), smart sensors (these shut off the charger after the batteries are fully charged) and portability. For that extra kick of eco-mindfulness, look for sun-powered battery chargers that require little maintenance to operate and draw power from a renewable resource.


Smart Power Strip

Smart power strip

Electronics draw power even when they are in sleep mode or switched off. Avoid these “vampire loads” with a thoughtful device called the smart power strip. This eco friendly product saves energy and money by sensing the flow of electrical current throughout the strip’s control outlet, switching off selected outlets when appliances plugged into them are not being used.

Energy Detective


Energy detective

This is a precise yet no-fuss eco friendly gadget that taps into your home’s circuit breaker. The Energy Detective will help you manage your energy habits by displaying how much power you’re using in real time. Discover how much each appliance is adding to your total power load by turning them on and off.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are gadgets that help you save energy by letting you pre-program heating and cooling temperatures at home. What this gadget can do is up to you so use it smartly.


Motion Detecting Light

Motion-detecting lights and switches

An economical and practical gadget that adds security and saves energy both indoors and outdoors. This gadget automatically turns lights on or off when you enter and leave the room. Simply screw the bulb into a socket for instant motion-detection.


Sensor-Plug Motion-Sensing Outlet

The SensorPlug motion-sensing Outlet

The SensorPlug is a passive infrared motion sensor that provides automatic on and off switching for everything that you plug into it when you walk in and out of a room. There is no need to wire it in since the Sensor Plug inserts right into a wall outlet.

Dos and Don’ts for buying and owing eco-friendly gadgets:

  • Don’t be overly gadget-conscious. Don’t buy new unless you cannot repair or upgrade the gadget you already own
  • Don’t buy before assessing whether your choice is really eco-friendly by checking out Energy Star website or Greener Choices
  • Do buy used, recycled and recyclable
  • Do buy appropriately sized gadgets
  • Do buy eco-friendly products with multifunctional attributes
  • Do properly dispose, sell, trade or donate your used gadget.

 thermostat photo courtesy: advanced telemetry


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