Best Home Energy Efficiency Books

As with any other branch of knowledge, reading books on home energy efficiency and sustainable living is the best strategy to obtain a complete and systematic insight on how to make your residence more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. If you are prepared to go green and need guidance, the following 10 books are great reads.

1. The Homeowner’s Handbook to Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Big and Small Improvements

If you would like to make a difference by reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint, this book is a top choice. The book covers fundamentals of home energy such as HVAC systems, air-sealing, windows & doors, insulation and landscaping. Excellent illustrations help make concepts easy to understand. If you get overwhelmed by technical jargon, don’t worry as this book is written in an easy-to-understand language.

2. The Home Energy Diet

This book offers plenty of creative and fun ideas to reduce energy use without compromising on quality of life.Written by an energy auditor with an enthusiasm for efficiency, this book will help those who want to take control of their personal energy use while maintaining the environmental sustainability. Features chapters on energy literacy (“where does energy com from”), electricity, appliance energy use, hot water, HVAC, the envelope and appliance buying guide.

3. Homemade Money: How to Save Energy and Dollars in Your Home

This book will remove any misunderstanding, by giving brand names, detailed construction and remodeling techniques to maximize energy savings. The book is extremely well organized to help the readers decide among the huge number of suggestions.

4. Energy Efficient Homes For Dummies

If you are concerned about the complexity of work you may encounter while greening your home, this book will reassure you. It gives a basic advice to homeowners how to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency. Featuring introductory chapters on energy efficiency and energy sources and sinks, the book gradually introduces more advanced topics such as a do-it-yourself home energy audit guide and an excellent overview of alternative energy sources.

Passive Evaporative Cooling. Source: Jeremy Levine

5. Home Sweet Zero Energy Home

Excellent information for those individuals who want to develop (or learn about) zero energy homes. The book’s eleven chapters carry the plethora of information on creative ways to achieve a zero energy home including energy efficiency, passive design and renewable energy production.

6. Prefabulous + Sustainable: Building and Customizing an Affordable, Energy-Efficient Home

Here is the answer to your questions on prefab homes. The book is filled with wonderful and distinctive examples of homes to help you learn how factory-built residences are indeed greener, more efficient, more cost-effective and even more robust than site-built homes.

Installing eco-friendly insulation. Source: USDAgov

7. Insulate and Weatherize

This book is tailored to the needs of individuals who want to save energy by insulating and weatherizing their home. The homeowner’s many questions are answered through clear explanations, checklists and how-to advice.

8. Basics of Energy Efficient Living: A Beginner’s Guide to Alternative Energy and Home Energy Savings

If you are mystified by terms such as an “R-value” and “alternative energy”, this book will transform you into an educated consumer. The book takes the reader by the hand and walks through the entire process of learning what it takes to save energy, how much energy can be obtained from alternative sources and what are energy principles, helping you to gradually transform your dwelling into a green oasis.

9. Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings: All New Listings of the Most Efficient Products You Can Buy

This book is for those who want to find the most energy efficient appliances. It is full with product ratings and explanations to assist the average shopper. Choose this book if you need help deciding which kind of energy efficient appliance to buy.

10. The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes

This book offers an easy to understand reference to homeowners who want learn about home energy efficiency. This book discusses the various alternative and sustainable building techniques. This is not a how-to guide, but rather an overview that can help you evaluate various green building procedures.


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